The Church Hall and Meeting rooms

The Church hall and the two Meeting rooms are integral parts of our building separated from the worship area by full-height wooden screening. There is also a large, modern kitchen, fitted with fridge, freezer and cooker, available to users of the hall. We have no separate car-park but there is ample, free parking on Barton Road.

The hall is occupied on most evenings by a variety of groups and organisations providing community activities, some internal and some privately run. It also provides a venue for church social events and occasional community events, and in recent years has been a Polling Station for local and national elections.

The main hall includes a raised stage area and is equipped with wipe-clean tables and stacking upholstered chairs and is available for external hire at certain times, providing a convenient venue for childrens parties, social activities and small family gatherings (although please note that the consumption of alcohol is not allowed except by prior agreement of the Church Council.). If you would like to vue the hall please contact our booking secretary details below.

The meeting rooms are conveniently-sized for small group activities such as committee meetings, seminars and craft workshops. The larger one fits up to 30 people and has independent access onto the street; the smaller will take up to 15 people and has a door-hatch opening into the kitchen.

Small Meeting Room

Large Meeting Room

Large Meeting Room


Hire of Rooms at All Saints

The hall and the two meeting rooms may be hired externally when not being used by the church or regular bookings. Please note that no alcohol is allowed except by prior agreement with the Parochial Church Council. For terms & conditions of hire and for information about our facilities and to check availability, please contact our Hall Booking Secretary on 0161 865 7171  - Mon to Fri 9am to 5pm, leave your details and a brief message and someone will contact you asap or alternatively use the contact form on this website.