Lord God, Father, Son & Spirit we love you,

we worship and adore you,

glorify your name in all the Earth.

Worship, private or public, includes many different ways of expressing devotion to God. Even the tiniest prayer is worship, yet worshipping together is the fundamental strength of a Christian community.

We keep an Open Table where members of any Christian denomination are welcome to receive Communion if that is their practice, but there is no compulsion to do so. We admit children from the age of 9 to receive Communion before Confirmation.

At All Saints we have 3 types of congregation;

Sunday Morning Congregation

Our Sunday services are mainly Eucharistic, i.e. Communion services.

We like to sing and on Sunday mornings enjoy a variety of styles of hymns, some traditional, others contemporary, accompanied by professionally-recorded CD tracks and occasionally the organ. We currently use the English Hymnal, New Hymns & Worship Songs and Mission Praise, giving us a wide range from which to select.

Wednesday Morning Congregation

Our Wednesday services are a mixture of Eucharistic and Worship & Praise services.

Special or Seasonal Service Congregation

These are our congegations at times such as Easter, Harvest or Christmas. Our congregations from schools visiting church for informal services.


Our Weekly Notice Sheets can be found on the links below.


Weekly Notice Sheets
Our weekly pew sheet full of information