Latest Videos from Revd. Luke

Easter Day Reflection 2020
The resurrection up-ends our expectations of what's possible and turns our categories for understanding the world on their heads. The resurrection speaks of the God for whom all things are possible. The resurrection challenges us to see the events of our lives and the world around us in the light Christ's glorious victory and with the hope of heaven.

Good Friday Reflection 2020
What's so good about Good Friday? A reflection on the death of Jesus.

Maundy Thursday Sermon
A reflection on Jesus washing his disciples' feet for Maundy Thursday.

The Emmaus Road
A sermon for Easter 3 - Year C looking at the resurrection appearance on the Emmaus Road. How might Christ's word open our eyes to the glory of God at work in our lives? How might the resurrection change the way we see ourselves and our circumstances?

The Good Shepherd
Jesus is our Good Shepherd. He is calling us each by name. He knows us personally and he alone is our salvation.

The Martyrdom of Stephen
A sermon for Easter 5. A reflection on the martyrdom of Stephen and his example of Spirit-filled, Christlike living and dying.