Our Services

The following regular services take place in our church:

Monday to Thursday - Morning Prayer 8am

Daily Office - Morning prayer

First Sunday of every month 8am there will be Holy Communion Service at 8am followed by our Parish Communion Service at 10am

The 8am service allows for a reflective service lasting approx 45mins.

10am Service is as per below

Other Sunday's 10am - Parish Communion

The main service of the week for the church, lasting just over an hour. This Common Worship service includes sung hymns, both traditional and modern. Readings and prayers by listed members of the congregation. Children of all ages are welcome here, there is space set aside in the worship area with mats and a toy box, there is also themed colouring/reading activities for older children that reflect the message of the service.

Wednesday 9.45 am - Mid Week Eucharist

The mid week communion service at All Saints.

We welcome visitors and newcomers to all of our services.

Coffee and fellowship follow the Parish Communion and Mid Week Eucharist and are a good chance to get to know us.

For the most up to date details on what services are on and times please check the calendar.